RuPaul: What's The Tee? with Michelle Visage (comedy)

In this episode Ru and Michelle are joined by Big Freedia. We discuss Michelle's experience judging Drag Race, Bounce music, New Orleans, Amsterdam, how Freedia smoked her first joint with her mom, sampling in Bounce music, Freedia's new book 'God Save the Queen Diva', her show, Po Boys, her experience during Hurricane Katrina, and how she got her name.


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In this episode Ru and Michelle are joined by Bianca Del Rio. They discuss Michelle's new look, Tanya Roberts, Joan Rivers, touring, Chita Rivera, the Bianca Del Rio Roast, Bianca's relationship with younger queens, BenDeLaCreme, the incident with Bianca's mother, Gia Gunn, and filming her new movie 'Hurricane Bianca'. 


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In this episode Ru and Michelle are joined by Colleen Ballinger and Miranda Sings. They discuss Alex Trebek, learning how to lose with dignity, Santa Barbara, theater, the beginnings of Miranda Sings, Into the Woods, Miranda's upcoming book, working with Jerry Seinfeld, and Miranda even gives Ru some serious tips.


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In this episode Ru and Michelle are joined by Deven Green. They discuss second chances in film, Michelle's upcoming book, Deven's childhood growing up in rural Canada, playing ukulele, Michelle's hoo hoo piercing, Deven's experience taking acid with Timothy Leary, and OCC Lip tar.


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